Gun Crime Arrests

Gun Crime

Attorney Calderon spent over 15 years in the City of Albany’s District Attorney’s office.  He knows the police officers, he knows the judges, he knows the system.

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Those charged with firearms possession often face significant jail time because of many offenses
have minimums that require specific plea bargaining to avoid jail.  In addition, more than one person is often charged with Francisco Calderon Law best legal defense Albany NY Criminal Lawpossessing the same weapon when it is discovered in a car or in a home.  These types of “constructive possession” charges often provide fertile ground for a defense.

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Types of firearms crimes lawyers handle

Given the recent public outcry regarding the availability and deadly use of firearms across the country, New York, like many other states, is taking a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who unlawfully possesses or uses a gun. In addition to defending clients against crimes like homicide, assault and robbery that may involve the use of firearms, The Problem Solver has extensive experience handling the following gun crime cases:

  • Criminal possession of a firearm
  • Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds
  • Unlawful possession of weapons by a person under 16
  • Criminal possession of a dangerous weapon
  • Criminal sale of a firearm
  • Criminal sale of a firearm with the aid of a minor
  • Criminal sale of a firearm to a minor
  • Criminal purchase or disposal of a firearm
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