Expert Criminal Defense Lawyer

The most experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Capital District.

What happens when you or someone you know has been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor?

You need to know that the Arresting Officer talked to the District Attorney before you walk into court.  Who have you talked to?  Without a good criminal defense lawyer, the deck is stacked against you. Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albany NY

Hiring an experienced defense attorney is crucial to defending your rights as individual. Calderon Law is dedicated to providing superior legal representation to individuals, families and businesses throughout the Capital District of New York State.

Attorney Calderon spent over 15 years in the District Attorney’s office in the City of Albany; many of those were spent as the lead drug crime prosecutor.  He knows the police officers, he knows the judges, he knows the system.

Put The Problem Solver to work for you.

  • The Problem Solver works on Felony and Misdemeanor charges for:
    • Drug Crimes
    • DWI Crimes
    • Gun Crimes
    • Violent Crimes
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